Malaika Consultants LLC
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Efficiency in development means costs are low ..

- Ian Mitchell
Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd

Our Clients
Angle-T LLC  
DataNet Solutions, Inc  
DME Media LLC  
Intervolve Inc  
Ish Inc  
Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd  
JAG Products, LLC  
Kylen Seth Clothing Company  
LocumsMart, LLC  
Maintec Technologies  
Six Forks EMS  
StrikeIron, Inc  
Web Builder Studios Inc  

  Medical Billing & Bespoke Software Consultants

Who are we?
Malaika Consultants LLC is a custom software development consulting firm located in Cary North Carolina. We offer our expert consulting services in the Microsoft VB.NET, ASP.NET, bespoke software development, C# Programming and related technologies. Our mission is to partner with you and ensure the success of your project. We have a team in the USA that will help you with your Information Technology needs and we strive to be truly "Your Information Technology Angels".
Our Services
  • Medical Billing Software consulting
  • Zip Code Lookup Web Service
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • VB.NET & C# Programming
  • ASP.NET Outsource & Consultant
For a full list of Services offered such as bespoke software development & more; please check our Services Offered page.
Our Strengths

Full-cycle Software Development Services

From business analysis to implementation, testing, maintenance, and support, Malaika Consultants LLC provides it all.
Ability to Meet Unique and Diverse Business Needs
We share a consistent understanding of requirements at all times and develop optimal solutions for all our customers’ current and future business needs.
Professional and technically strong team
USA based team follows unified standards and guidelines and are transparent and controllable at all project phases.
Innovative Thinking
Having strong fundamentals and a practical background, our team uses new technologies to create innovative approaches to address all software issues effectively.
Fixed fee or Pay-Per-hour proposals
Depending on your preference and the size of the project, we offer fixed fee or Pay-Per-Hour proposals for your programming needs.
Contact us to find out more about bespoke software development and our other services. We would be more than happy to provide you with written proposals for your projects.
Contact Information
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Toll-free Phone: 877.700.3984
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Services Offered
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Medical Billing Software Consulting
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Custom Programming
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Database Programming
Web Services
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Zip Code Lookup

Multiple methods return ZIP code information.

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Zip Code Distance

Provides the distance (in miles) between 2 ZIP codes or all the ZIP codes within the specified radius.

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